About Us

Hub Source

Hub Source is focused on bringing innovative solutions to the real estate and built environments in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Our business began with the sale of land slowly transitioned into the housing market within the capital city of Accra.  With innovation as our focus, we decided to create a solution that goes across the spectrum of the built environment.  Our website is the beginning of this solution, providing a solution for people seeking to buy or build in Ghana and creating an avenue for wealth generation amongst  Real Estate Brokers, Agencies, Architects and Designers, Home Owners , Land Lords. 

We are filled with a hunger for excellence, a drive for the best, an eye for quality and a large wealth of experience in the real estate and construction industries. 

Our Mission

Is to provide innovative solutions to anyone seeking to invest in real estate in Ghana by collaborating with real estate brokers, architects and designers, property owners and tenants to provide the best information and solutions possible for Ghana’s built environment. We seek to help these people create wealth.


Our Vision

Hub Source has a vision to change the real estate landscape by providing a hub stop. shop for peoples built environment needs. 

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